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You Should ALWAYS Listen to Molly

We’re ending kindergarten similarly to how we began – we are 100% ready for the day tomorrow.  I remembered to buy a gift card for Mrs. Fritschi.  Daniel picked up a “Thank You” card for her.  Molly made her a card by hand.  And Molly and I made Lemony Sugar Scrub and Lavender Bath Salts from scratch tonight.  All this to let Mrs. Fritschi know how very very much we appreciate her.  She really did make this 2nd semester of kindergarten fabulous.

I really, really, really want to just end this blog post right here so that you’ll believe I’ve got it all together.

But let’s be honest with ourselves; we know I’m not ending the year in that good of shape.  We had Pirate Day this week, and you KNOW we were prepared for that.  But a few weeks back?  Teacher Appreciation Week.  I had a whole WEEK and didn’t get a gift or a note or a scrap of paper with the word “thanks” scribbled across it up to the school.

And dinner tonight?  Oh, I got it made.  And it was something delicious that the girls would love (pizza casserole).  But it wasn’t ready to eat until about 30 minutes after they went to bed.  Fortunately, we had bread and lunch meat in the house to feed them sandwiches. This morning, however, we had neither of those things in the house…

And here’s what happened this morning.  This next-to-the-last-day of kindergarten.  I got up and got in the shower as close to on-time as possible.  Molly and I were going to the chiropractor at 7, so it was an earlier-than-usual morning.  While I was in the shower, Molly came in somewhat panicked.  I couldn’t quite make out what she said in my foggy morning haze.  I finally made out that she believed she had to bring lunch from home, because it was going to be an early dismissal day.  I hadn’t gotten any emails or notes or text messages or voice mails to that effect, so I assured her that she must be mistaken.  I knew school was dismissing at 1, but that’s TWO WHOLE HOURS after they normally eat lunch.  So.

Shortly thereafter, I overheard Molly and Daniel having a similar conversation in the kitchen.  He calmed her down just as I had, explaining that TOMORROW, the LAST day of school, was bring your lunch from home day.  Not today.

She and I went on about our morning.  Visited the chiropractor, ate breakfast (me) and snacks (her) in the car, chatted about the end of kindergarten etc.  Usually on chiropractor mornings, I have to check her into school, because we don’t quite make it there before the 7:45 bell.  Today somehow we made it.  I pulled up in the carpool line, the safety patrol kid opened the door for Molly, I got my goodbye kiss, and Molly hopped out of the car to go about her day.  After the safety patrol kid wished me a good day and closed my door, I rolled forward with the window down to – you know – double check myself.  The teachers were standing there watching the kids pour in, so I asked if they were supposed to have brought a sack lunch with them today.

Guess what.  Yes.  Yes they were.

DAMNIT!  I called Daniel to ask him to make a lunch for Molly and run it up to the school.  He informed me that we had no bread.  Or lunch meat.  Or chips.  Or mayonnaise.  But he said he’d handle it.

A little while later, I got a text message containing this picture:

Yep.  He used a pack of mayo from the Target snack bar.

Yep. He used a pack of mayo from the Target snack bar.

And this is why I love him.  I never would have made it through kindergarten without him.  And we learned, unequivocally, that we should ALWAYS listen to Molly.

Hope all your kiddos are enjoying the end of the year festivities.  And that you all are too.  And I hope that summer affords us all a chance to pull it all back together before we start all over again in the fall.



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  1. That picture cracks me up!!!!!

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