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Shipt Review

Grocery Delivery. Such a simple concept that seems like an absolute luxury. But this little luxury may just revolutionize my weekends.

I actually love doing my grocery shopping. When I can go by myself, that is. Usually I get to do that on the weekend, because my awesome hubby understands how difficult it is to drag two little people to the store. But going to the grocery store on the weekend has a specific cost for me. That cost comes in the form of time.

Let’s do some math.

Making grocery list: 30 to infinity minutes
Getting showered & presentable on a Saturday against my will: 35 minutes if uninterrupted (HAHAHAHA.)
Going to car: like < 2 minutes
Getting out of car and going back upstairs to get the things I forgot (which is inevitable), being asked what I’m doing, and asked for hugs & kisses again: okay, I’d be a jerk if I put an amount of time on that
Driving to the store: 13ish minutes
Actual grocery shopping: 1 hour and +/- 20 minutes
Driving home: another 13ish minutes

So basically, grocery shopping kills at least a 1/4 of my weekend. So when my friend posted a link to Facebook with a $10 savings to Shipt if I followed her link, I thought I’d give it a shot. I signed up yesterday, started my order last night, finished it this morning, and got my groceries delivered in right at an hour from the time I placed the order in the app. Holy Hanna Barbera.

Several friends have asked how it went. I’ve put together some pros and cons to tell y’all about my experience.

Pros (I mean, beyond the obvious)

  1. The app is easy to use, very user friendly.
  2. Everything I wanted to order was listed in the app.
  3. I spend less money than if I were in the store, because Publix’s merchandising doesn’t suck me in!
  4. You can start your order and come back to it later. Everything stays in your cart, so as you think of something you need, just add it to the cart.
  5. You can add notes to specific items and to the total order for your shopper.
  6. My shopper was very communicative. She texted me when she was on her way and when she got to the house. She was also super friendly. (Hi Alexa!)
  7. I was able to accomplish so much while SOMEONE ELSE DID MY SHOPPING. Yoga? Check. Start laundry? Check. Feed the children? Check. Fold towels? Check. Couldn’ta done all that while at the store.
  8. Very cost effective. I chose the annual membership ($99). Since I used a friend’s link, I’ll get a $10 refund, making it approximately $7.41/month. No additional charge for orders as long as they’re $35 worth of groceries.


  1. You have to use the app, no web ordering available. So if you’re technologically challenged…
  2. Some of the items are a few cents more expensive than if you picked them up in the store – I so don’t care about this. See #3 above.
  3. The app is a little buggy – I can’t get into “My Account” right now for example. I trust this will soon be resolved.
  4. The “Search” function is a little wonky when you’re looking for a specific item.
  5. Only available for shopping at Publix. No Target, Walmart, or what-have-you.
  6. Limited geography available. Hopefully they’ll come to you.

For me, the cons are really only informational, certainly not insurmountable.  The biggest pro today was this: Daniel went to the studio to do schoolwork this morning. Molly seems to have a little stomach bug, so we didn’t go to church. And I definitely didn’t want to take two kids, one sick, to the grocery store. I placed my order, and Molly got the rest she needed while we waited. That makes it all worthwhile.

So. What are you waiting for? Go to here to sign up. We’ll both the $10 off.

Happy grocery shopping!

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