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Shannon Vann lives in Hoover, AL (a suburb of Birmingham) with her fabulously funny husband, Daniel, her two infuriatingly independent daughters, Molly and Amelia, and their pets: Ms. Marvel (who owns the power of cute) and Fishy Number Two.

This is a place where Shannon shares the truth about how they (attempt to) keep the wheels turning and enjoy the space they’ve made for themselves in the world. Here she tells the truth, even about her faults (okay, probably mostly about her faults), strives for transparency (and likely fails occasionally), commiserates with the exhausted, laughs with the frenzied, and tries to carve out a place of peace for herself.

Thoughts? Questions? Email Shannon at info@multiplevannpileup.com. She promises to try to get back to you in a somewhat timely manner. And she’ll try REALLY hard to actually answer the question you sent.

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